The Busy Giffs: The Most Perfect Vanilla Chai Recipe

January 29, 2014

The Most Perfect Vanilla Chai Recipe

Let's talk about my not so secret: I don't drink coffee.
Gasp. I know. 

How can I work full time, have a toddler, be (almost!) six months pregnant, be working on the last semester of my Masters and not drink coffee?!
I'm actually exhausted just reading that sentence. Ew. 
Fun fact #2: I don't drink Red Bull either. Weird.

I am however, absolutely obsessed with vanilla chai. 
If I go to Dunkin Donuts or Marylou's Coffee, I grab a Vanilla Chai 90% of the time.
At $3 a piece, it can add up.

Thankfully Tastefully Simple has come up with a much cheaper alternative for me!

Oh My Chai by Tastefully Simple with a splash of French Vanilla Creamer tastes identical if not better than the $3 a cup vanilla chais I buy in the drive through!

10 oz makes 8 servings and it's only $10 for the container! Way cheaper!

The best part? I'm hosting an online party and you're invited!
Grab some Oh My Chai or beer bread mix (delish!) and have the items shipped directly to your house!

Just click HERE and enjoy your delicious treats!

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