The Busy Giffs: And 2013 is gone.

January 1, 2014

And 2013 is gone.

It's January 1st, 2014. How crazy is that?
I always feel like every year just flies by and 2013 was no exception.
Everyone and their mom took a look back at the year and it seemed like a good idea!


I made my 30 by 30 list
I restarted my Grad program after taking a 3 semester leave.
Emma had her first trip to the ER, complete with stitches and a scar.


I turned 27 and treated myself to my first (and only) massage!
I officially took over a full time sub English job.
I got bangs (short lived- oh well)


Dave and I saw Kenny Chesney at Mohegan Sun.
I rebranded the blog.


An act of kindness led to a great day at the Providence Kids Museum.
I went to my first blogging conference
Emmalee started swimming lessons.


Dave turned 30 and had a great surprise party. 
We went on our first "real" vacation to Philadelphia for a long weekend. 
We brought Emmalee to Sesame Place.
I finished my semester with my first ever 4.0


Emmalee got her first piece of Lily.
Got a summer job teaching.
I went to my first group fitness class at the Y.


We decided to try for baby #2!
We bought our first ever brand new car!
Emma had her first trip to the Splash Park and the Boston Children's Museum.
I went to Jason Aldean at Fenway Park.
Emma rode her first horse!


I started teaching in my own classroom!
Emmalee had her first day at "school", better known as full day daycare!
After 6 years, I left Friendly's.
Emmalee met Cinderella at the Easton Children's Museum.
Dave and I went to a Red Sox/Yankees game.
I saw Kenny chesney again, this time with my mom!


David fell down the stairs, dislocated his finger and had to have his wedding ring cut off!
We announced baby #2 was on his way!


We went apple and pumpkin picking. 
Dave went to Dick's at 1 am to buy Red Sox Championship gear.
Emmalee went trick or treating for the first time.


David flew to Texas to be with a friend for the weekend.
David "slept" through Thanksgiving.
I had LOTS of pregnancy bleeding, but everything seems to be okay now.
We found out baby #2 is a boy!


I was moved from a "high risk pregnancy" to a "normal pregnancy"!
Emmalee and I ran away to PTown for the weekend.
Emmalee won a TON of contests!
Emmalee and I went to her first Disney on Ice.
We had the most magical Christmas so far, Emma was just in awe!
I finally tried out an Art Bar!

So excited to see what 2014 will bring!

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