The Busy Giffs: Disney Movie Rewards + FROZEN

December 17, 2013

Disney Movie Rewards + FROZEN

It's a completely FREE way to get access to great Disney things!
Have you ever bought a Disney movie and when you open up the DVD case, there's a little slip of paper with some weird looking code on it?
That code is good for anywhere from 50 to 200 points! And as your points accrue, you can trade them in for great prizes on the Disney Movie Rewards page!

And the prizes don't suck.
They can range from older dvds to a talking plush Perry the Platypus doll! Hubs often cashes his points in for Starbucks gift cards!
Last week, I wanted to send flowers to a family member and used my points to get a $15 gift card to put towards them from TelaFlora!

In addition to items redeemable for points, they often offer FREE prizes, like printable coloring pages or stickers!

However, I was thrilled when I opened up my account and saw that because I registered certain movies, I had been gifted 2 free passes to see Frozen!

I had been thinking about bringing the Princess anyways so it was perfect! 

Frozen was adorable! A little bit predictable but there was a HUGE twist on the whole "true love" idea and it was just the sweetest! It kept my two and a half year old interested and engaged the whole time! If anything keeps my daughter happy and quiet for almost two hours, it must be wonderful!

I highly recommend you go see it! And sign up for Disney Movie Rewards!

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