The Busy Giffs: Registering for Baby #2 is TACKY. But I'm doing it.

November 14, 2013

Registering for Baby #2 is TACKY. But I'm doing it.

Hear me out.

Registering for Baby #2 is tacky.
Unless it's been 10+ years since your first, you shouldn't.
But I am.

Not because I'm going to share them with anyone else.
Not because I expect a baby shower again (also tacky to ask for a second one).
Not because I think babies are an excuse for gifts.


I'm registering again for the golden completion coupon.
You know, that beautiful 20% off everything on your wishlist coupon? Ya, that.

After Emmalee we lived in a small 800 square foot apartment with few closets so we passed on a lot of our bigger stuff: the swing, jumperoo, Rock N Play... all things we will need again. I saved a bouncy seat, a boppy pillow and lots of Emmalee's clothes but we'll be lacking on stuff and 20% would be a huge help!

Anyone else ever registered for babies after the first, even if only for the completion coupon or the samples when you register?!

Tyler is 4!

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