The Busy Giffs: How We Broke the News: Baby #2 {A Giveaway!}

October 7, 2013

How We Broke the News: Baby #2 {A Giveaway!}

Last week we shared our wonderful news that baby number 2 will be joining us in May (assuming a healthy pregnancy!)!

It was a super huge moment for us, as we've been hoping for another baby for the past year.

With our first baby, we just blurted it out to everyone near us. Legit. Went to my mom's house and it was just word vomit.
This time, we wanted it to be a bit more of a reveal.
Every Fall, I host a shopping party and it seemed like the perfect time to share. Most of our female relative would be invited and everyone would be in one room.
The timing was perfect and after everyone arrived, I brought Emma to her room and changed her into her Big Sister shirt.

We went back downstairs and said hi to Mimi and her aunt, and suddenly the realization dawned on everyone.
There was a lot of hugging and crying and it was everything I expected.

I searched for weeks for a big sister shirt and I just wasn't in love with any of them.  I didn't want it to say "Going to be a big sister" because then she couldn't really wear it after the new baby is born.
I found Megan's Etsy site Kreations by Design and she is just a sweetheart! 
I told her my plan and she was totally on board!
More than that, she offered a $10 store credit to one of my readers!

Would you believe that ALL of these shirts are $10 or less?!
She has even more on the Kreations by Design Facebook page!

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