The Busy Giffs: Assonet - Freetown State Park Splash Pad

August 12, 2013

Assonet - Freetown State Park Splash Pad

Summer is quickly winding down but that doesn't mean there isn't more time to squeeze in some more summer activities before it's time to lay out clothes and pack lunches again.

A favorite place of ours is the Freetown State Forest Wading Pool & Splash Deck.
Located on Slab Bridge Road in Freetown, Ma, it's open until September 2nd!

The Wading Pool and Splash Deck are open from 10- 6 daily and, my favorite part, there are lifeguards staffed!

The deepest part of the wading pool is only one and half feet and the entire wading pool and splash deck area are fenced in!
There is some grassy areas around the water to relax in a beach chair and have a snack, or you can pack a full picnic lunch and enjoy your meal at one of the picnic tables located outside of the fence!
There are also rinse showers at both kid and parent height if you're like me and need to get the chemicals out of your hair immediately.

And why is she smiling so big?
Because it's a completely cost-free activity, which means you have no excuse not to go.


  1. Ahh! I wish we had a splash pad!

  2. Love the pics. and I love her mermaid swim suit. :D


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