The Busy Giffs: AAA, Goodyear and a man who made my day.

August 1, 2013

AAA, Goodyear and a man who made my day.

Ok, so imagine you're sitting in your night class and instead of leaving at 7:30 pm, the teacher let's you leave at 6:15.
Awesome, right?

So you walk outside, head to your car and are met with this:

Not super awesome.

So it's 6:15. I have to be home by 8 pm at the latest.
I call AAA but they can only tow since my car doesn't have a spare in it (Damn you Hyundai).
So I call the hubs and figure we can go pick up a tire, come back and wait for AAA to change it.
The only problem: only 1 tire company is open past 6:30 pm, and they close at 7 pm.
So at 6:35, I call Goodyear and explain what's happened asking if I can pay for the tire, have my husband pick it up, etc. He says have my car towed there and he'll change the tire out.

Only problem, AAA said the tow would be 40 minutes.  The shop closes in 25.
Begin panicking.

Call husband and freak out about how we're going to get the car home. $4 per mile for 14 miles.. yuck.
And then... like an angel... the tow truck shows up at 6:50 pm. 15 minutes. Not 40. I'm excited.

I call Goodyear and ask if he can stay just 5 extra minutes for me. Of course he says.
I look at the tow guy and say if you can get me loaded and to Goodyear before 7:05 you'll be my favorite person ever.
No paperwork, just got the car on the bed and we pulled into Good year at 7:03.

At Goodyear, the man was pleasant, smiling, not even phased that he was staying LATE AFTER THE STORE CLOSED to help me out.  
At 7:20 we left, new tires on, rotated, and balanced.

That man made my day.
A gesture that was truly so appreciated.
And let me tell you, I hope he loves the Dunkins gift card I'm sending to the shop.

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