The Busy Giffs: Win Story Land Passes and Cross it off your SUMMER BUCKET LIST! #giveaway

July 8, 2013

Win Story Land Passes and Cross it off your SUMMER BUCKET LIST! #giveaway

Disclaimer: I was offered a family pack of tickets in exchange for this posting, however, as ways, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Have you seen the super cute Summer bucket lists that are popping up everywhere?
I think they are such a cute idea and we decided to make our own!

We made a list of places we want to visit that would take a whole day trip, rather than things like "going to the movies" or "painting rocks to look like bugs"; these are things we already do! 

Everything on our list is an easy day trip, within a couple hours of Boston!
The one I am most excited about is a trip to Story Land!

I haven't had a chance to go since I was little and I cannot wait to bring the princess!

It's located in Glen, NH. super close to all the great shopping in North Conway!
The park says it's designed for ages 2-12 but at 27 I'm excited to go!
The park ticket is all-inclusive, including free parking.  All you pay extra for is food and souvenirs.
Can't imagine a day without your precious pup, Story Land has FREE kennels as well.
Story Land will even give you let you re-enter later in the day if you need to leave, as long as you get your hand stamped on the way out!

But my favorite thing is that if you purchase a full day ticket within 3 hours of closing and you can go back any other operating day of the season for FREE! What a great value!

So what are you waiting for?
Enter to win in the Rafflecopter below!!
Tickets can be used until October 14, 2013.

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  1. Im super excited about this give away! I've never been to story land. my husband took his nephews and niece years ago. We've been talking about taking are oldest daughter for a few years now. This would be the perfect mini vacation for us with having a new little one. We'd be able to do something special with are oldest daughter before starting kindergarten and be able to do something the little one would enjoy!

  2. Well last time I had to force my son off the train that goes around the park. I'm hoping it's not so bad this time but I still expect to spend a lot of time there...

  3. My kids love the Polar Coaster!

  4. OMG I *just* booked a hotel for Storyland TODAY for my oldest's birthday in August! I could SOOO use this! YOu are AWESOME!

  5. We've never been to Storyland, but my kids beg me every year.

  6. We went last year. SO FUN! I really didn't expect to enjoy it so much. The Bamboo Chutes are a must!

  7. I think the raft ride looks like fun!

  8. My older son is excited to ride the Polar Coaster this year (or whatever that roller coaster is called).

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. We've been meaning to take our boys to Story Land, but each summer the times gets away from us. Better get 'em up there before they're too old to appreciate it.

  11. My kids would love the roller coaster the most. We can't wait to go!

  12. We would love to ride the Polar Coaster!

  13. I think the train will keep our little guy entertained!

  14. My kids LOVE Storyland and are looking forward to returning this year to go on Bamboo Shoots!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. My girls have never been! We would love to take them to NH for my daughter's 7th birthday! The Polar Coaster sounds fun!

  17. OMG Dying to go but poor teacher with no good summer funds lol


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