The Busy Giffs: Mini S'Mores Cups

July 31, 2013

Mini S'Mores Cups

My neighbors were having a cookout and all I could smell was the delish, perfect summer smell of a fire on a summer night.
I started craving smores but I felt silly going outside to cook just one smore.
Plus, we had a family cookout the next day so I wanted to figure out something quick, easy and delish, to both satisfy my craving and taste awesome to wow Dave's family. 

Enter Mini S'mores Cups.
I found the recipe on Pinterest via My Recipe Magic!


1 cup finely crushed graham crumbs (approx 7 graham crackers) 
1/4    cup    powdered sugar 
6    tablespoons    butter ( melted ) 
4 bars milk chocolate candy - Hershey's
12    marshmallows 


Step 1:
Preheat oven to 350°F. (If using crackers- Place graham crackers into a large resealable plastic bag. Finely crush into crumbs). Combine graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar and butter in a small bowl.

Step 2:
Using a spoon, place a small scoop (about a tablespoon) of crumb mixture in each cup of a Mini-Muffin Pan. Press crumbs to form shallow cups. Bake 4-5 minutes.

Step 3:
While the crust is in the oven, break two of the candy bars into rectangles. Remove pan from oven; place one rectangle into each cup. Put into the oven and bake for 1 minute.

Step 4:
Cut marshmallows in half crosswise using shears dipped in cold water. Place one marshmallow half, cut-side down, into each cup. Return to oven 1-2 minutes or until marshmallows are just slightly softened. Remove from oven to a cooling rack; cool 15 minutes. Carefully remove cups from pan. Cool completely.

Step 5:
Break remaining candy bars and place in amicrowave safe container. Microwave on HIGH 1 minute-1 1/2 minutes or until melted and smooth, stirring every 20 seconds. Drizzle chocolate over the top of marshmallows, using a spoon or toothpick.

Makes 24 cups.

I absolutely recommend doubling the recipe!
My smores cups were gone within minutes!


  1. Um, yum! I've been wanting a s'more lately, but we haven't had 1 fire this summer, (which is craziness), so no s'more's for me. I'll have to give these a try!


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