The Busy Giffs: A 30 by 30 Update!

July 1, 2013

A 30 by 30 Update!

Remember by little 30 by 30 list?
I'm making some headway!

I've been able to cross 4 more things off my list!

1. Be an English Teacher (have my own classroom)

I took over 2 Freshman English classes this year and was hired as a full time English teacher for next year! check! 

12. Go to a blogging conference.

In April I attended my first blogging conference! I went to the Blog Better Boston Style Summit! Why I didn't blog about it, I'm not really sure, but I loved it and I met some amazing local bloggers! I also won a TON of prizes! Such a perk!

I want to go to one more conference, I just don't know what yet!

27. Go to a group fitness class.

I went to my first group fitness class on June 4th.  I went to a Body Pump class at our YMCA gym!
I was sore for 2 full days after but it was good! I'm keeping up with it! Time to get back in shape!

29. Go on our first family vacation (must be out of state, can't be CT)

We went to Philadelphia at the end of May! Read about our trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, The Please Touch Museum, Old City Philly, and Sesame Place!

I wonder what I'll cross off next!

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