The Busy Giffs: Sesame Place : A Family Vacation Photo Dump

June 25, 2013

Sesame Place : A Family Vacation Photo Dump

I've already written about our vacation to Philadelphia a bit.  About our visit to the Philadelphia Zoo, The Please Touch Museum, and walking around historic Philadelphia, but really, the real reason we went was to go to Sesame Place!

Emmalee was just shy of two when we went and she loved it!
We got there bright and early, right when it opened at 10.

Characters are randomly around the park throughout the day to take pictures with. And no, I don't know this child.

Emmalee wasn't sure if she liked the teacups and carousel more, but we went on each of them about 4 times a piece!
I wouldn't recommend bringing a child much younger than 2.  Many of the rides you have to be 36" to ride and my daughter was about 1" too short. 

I absolutely recommend checking out on of the free shows that goes on during the day.
All the showtimes are listed on the back of the days map (located by the front gate).  Try and get there a bit early to get a good seat!

Even better than the free shows? Lunch with the cast of characters!
Sesame Place offers lunch, brunch, dinner, and special cookouts on certain days!
We opted for lunch in the middle of the day, which was a perfect way to take a break after going on all the rides.

For about $50, all 3 of us had an all you can eat buffet and it was super good!
Emma didn't even have to pay since she wasn't 2 yet!

The best part about it was that since Emmalee still wasn't sure how she felt about the characters, they could walk by and wave, without her freaking out that they were too close! There were no lines to meet any of them and some of the characters even said hi to the grown ups!

 After lunch, we put on our bathing suits and hit the water park area of Sesame Place!
I really love the wading pools in Twiddlebug Land... and the HUGE Ernie!
We spent a good 3 hours just in the pools!

We absolutely loved Sesame Place and we would love to go back in another year when Emmalee is big enough to ride on more rides!

If you are thinking about going:

1. Have a bit of a game plan.  We knew we were going to do rides, then lunch, then the water park so we were able to leave our bathing suits in the car until after lunch.  Just remember to get your hand stamped before you leave!

2. Book a character meal! They are so so worth it! However, if you don't want to, pack a lunch! there are picnic tables by the parking lot to sit and eat but again: remember to get your hand stamped!

3. Take lots of pictures! It was so much fun!

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