The Busy Giffs: Please Touch Museum

June 18, 2013

Please Touch Museum

When we visited Philadelphia we stopped at the Please Touch Museum as well!
I bought a Groupon for each of us that covered our admission and a carousel ticket.
Sadly, the carousel was being fixed when we were there but even without being able to use the carousel, we saved on our admission!

My daughter, the stacker...

The entire museum is filled with hands on exhibits that Emmalee just loved!
My favorite part was that the museum has 3 or 4 areas just for kids under 3 so that you don't have to worry about them getting pushed over by the bigger kids!
I especially loved the Alice in Wonderland exhibit, complete with tea party and shrinking rooms!

Emmalee was on the younger end. I don't think I would bring children under the age of  18 months/2 years because it would still be a bit old for them but could absolutely see any elementary kid having a good time here!

We will definately stop by the Please Touch Museum again if we head that way for another family trip!

Competitive Dance Team

This year we started a new adventure-- competitive dancing! I will admit I was hesitant... I've never even seen an episode of Dance Mom...


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