The Busy Giffs: Philadelphia Zoo

June 20, 2013

Philadelphia Zoo

All week I'll sharing little tid-bits of our first family trip!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we took our first family vacation!
We went to Philadelphia for a 4 day weekend and were we busy!

We spent the first morning at the Philadelphia Zoo.

We were immediately greeted by a gorgeous stone elephant statue!

Emmalee's favorite are the monkeys! She loves saying "oooh ooh" at them.

David was so excited to see the kangaroos!

After a couple hours, Emmalee was ready for a nap!

The Philadelphia Zoo was a perfect trip for us.
Just enough animals to keep her entertained without overwhelming her.

It was a little bit drizzly at time, but the Zoo's many indoor attractions gave us a few places to escape into to!
Emmalee had such a great time and we will absolutely head to the zoo if we visit again!

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