The Busy Giffs: New Name! New Design! New Love!

June 14, 2013

New Name! New Design! New Love!

 Since I attended the Blog Better Boston Style Summit, I've been having an identity crisis.
At the conference I really thought about what I wanted to do with my blog, what opportunities I was hoping to get through it, and who my target brands my readers are. 

While I love Cupcakes to Polka Dots, it says nothing about me or my brand.

I played around with ideas for a couple weeks but one name kept ringing in my head so I present to you the new name and design:

Isn't it just darling?!

While I have never really considered myself a "Mommy blog", after looking at my goals and desired collaborations, much of what I want to do focuses on mommyhood and I think this new image is exactly what I needed.

I found Rissa through Twitter and fell in love with her blog design site.
I e-mailed her asking if she could help me.  I knew what my ideas were but I didn't know how to make them real.
She e-mailed me back almost immediately and started working on what I hoped for.

Her first attempt was nearly perfect!
A small tweak or two and it was perfect!
She was such a doll to work with, speedy replies and always providing options for me to choose from!

I was super nervous about asking someone for help but I am so so glad I did. 

Check out the Riss Blog Design page or go tell Riss on Twitter how much you love my new header! ;)

Disclaimer: I received a new blog header in exchange for my post but seriously, I love her and her work!


  1. I love the new name, and the header is PERFECTION!


  2. Super cute! And drinks with umbrellas? What's not to love? :-)



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