The Busy Giffs: Karen Hallion's Prints - #sponsored

June 4, 2013

Karen Hallion's Prints - #sponsored

Disclosure: I was offered a print in exchange for my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I'm a little bit weird nerdy.
I like grammar humor and Harry Potter, but I'm also in love with Disney princesses.
 I was ridiculously excited when I stumbled upon Karen Hallion's Etsy site.
She describes herself as an "Artist, Illustrator. Part-time Jedi" on her Facebook Page.
How do you know love that?

Raise your hand is you love the Disney Princesses... 
Raise your hand if you love Dr. Who...
How about Jack Skellington, the Princess Bride or the Labyrinth?

Karen Hallion offers some of the coolest looking prints I have ever seen.

My little sister is a huge Dr. Who fan and grew up with Disney so I knew I had to share this last image with her.
My mom bought it within a day for her. She was just so in love with it.
And I knew I needed more.

How great is this print?
I love love love Alice and am so excited for this one!

But you know what I love the most?
She's a local artist!
You just have to love a local artist!
You should absolutely stop by her Facebook page or her Etsy shop, show her some love and grab your favorite print, or t-shirt, or notecards!!

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