The Busy Giffs: A letter to my 2 year old.

June 13, 2013

A letter to my 2 year old.

To my little princess,

You are the reason I wake up in the morning. 
I never thought I could ever love anyone as much as I love you.
Every day is an adventure.

You wake up every morning with me around 6:30.
You ask for "Dad" or Bailey, who you have lovingly renamed "Spot", immediately.
You love piggyback rides down the stairs and always bring a baby or stuffed animal down to the living room with you.
Every night, around 8 pm, I ask if you want to do "teeth" and "books" you start walking up the stairs holding on to the railing.
You always want to brush your teeth yourself and the insist on picking out "two" books for bed every night.
I cherish the 20 minutes of story time with you sitting on my lap every night.
Not only do you give kisses, and ask for "two", you even ask for "nose" kisses and it melts my heart how ridiculously adorable you are.

During the day you like to play with your baby dolls, pushing them in carriages, feeding them "foo foo", or throwing them as far as you can.
Cinderella is your favorite character of all time. You have an entire bag of dress up "shoos", necklaces, and skirts/dresses. You love getting dressed up and dancing in circles around the living room. If I'm wearing a  skirt or a necklace, you have to have one on as well.  And then you make me spin in circles with you.  My favorite part of your dances are when you bow at the end.

Half of your clothes have Disney princesses or Elmo on them.  
You like to be able to pick out your own stuff, saying "no" until I pull one out that you want to wear.
You're favorite shoes are the sparkly mary janes that are now officially too small for you. I really need to buy you a new pair...
You like bows, but only when you pick them out. Same goes with "haaats". And crowns even though you call them "haaats" as well.
Your absolute favorite clothes are your Disney princess night gowns.
You are just starting to wear 2T clothes and size 6 shoes.  You wear a size 5 diaper.

You have expressed an interested in the "poo" and think its extremely funny to barrel in on mom and dad.
You tell me after you've gone, and you call both "pooo", but we're not pushing you to use your potty. 
You have used it successfully once, but it will happen when it happens.

You still love love love tubbies but hate having your hair washed.
Same goes with pools. You love the water but hate getting water splashed in your face or floating on your back.
You've been taking swimming lessons for 2 months now and you are getting so brave, jumping in from the side of the pool on your own.
You love playing with other kids and are the best little sharer I've ever met.
I love watching you in the gym baby sitting center, playing with other kids while you wait for me to pick you up.
You love to give hugs and kisses. Your nose kisses are one of my favorite things but nothing beats when you wrap your arms around my neck and pull me in for the biggest, best hug with a kiss that covers my whole face. 

You giggle like crazy and love games that make you laugh.
Screaming "daaaad" through the house, playing hide and go seek, chasing Bailey and trying to tickle mom and dad are your favorites.
You love to draw and will color on anything and everything with whatever writing implement you can find.
You love to read, often laying belly down on the living room floor with a book spread out in front of you.
Your favorite book currently is "Where is Spot?" You absolutely adore the Spot books.

You love to ride your bike in the house and you are the queen of stacking things. Blocks, paper towel rolls, books, cups, really anything that has a flat surface and can be stacked on something else.
You have the cutest imagination and will use the door jam as a microphone, walking through the house singing away.
You love sliding down the slide and swinging on your swingset.
Your favorite color is "bluuuw" and everything is blue to you. Purple, green, pink. Nope, all blue.
Your favorite place in the world is the "zoo". 
You ask every.single.morning. "Zoo?"
You have stuffed giraffes, and "moos", and "ooh oooh" monkeys, and "rawr" lions, and "rah rah" dogs.
You love all animals and will sit at the back door slider watching the birds eat from the feeders. 

You eat everything. You love fruits and veggies especially. Blueberries and strawberries barely last 2 days in our house.  You also love bananas, yogurt, cheerios, and anything mom or dad is eating.  You and dad are known to share salt and vinegar chips, which is just foul.
You have a definite sweet tooth, which is most likely my fault, but you make up for it with all the good things you eat.
You love "mehh" and juice. You love chicken and kielbasa. You love potatoes and pasta.  You even eat lobster and shrimp.
You rarely put up a fight about eating food and it is absolutely wonderful.
Your favorite treat right now is freeze "puuh"s.

You say "peeeeeas" and "danks".
You listen to orders, helping clean up and putting you dirty dishes in the sink.
You're having little conversations with us and I love seeing your personality develop more and more every day.
I love that you still snuggle into my shoulder before bed.
I love that when I leave to go to work, you run to the window and blow kisses to me as I pull out of the drive way.
I love how you keep asking for "two" kisses, never letting me leave without at least 10 kisses.
I love the "MAAAAAHHHH" that I hear coming from the window when I get home in the afternoon.
Every day my heart swells bigger with love for you.

I didn't know there was a hole in my heart until you filled it.

Thank you for picking me to be your mom.
I love you a million red M&Ms.
I love you to the moon and back.

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