The Busy Giffs: Ticks Suck. Literally.

May 2, 2013

Ticks Suck. Literally.

The Monday night of vacation I was just sitting on my couch.
Emmalee was already in bed and I was watching breaking coverage of the marathon bombings. 
I ran my hand along my stomach and felt what I thought was a skin tag.
Knowing full well that I don't have any, I lifted up my shirt and a yucky, little tick was stuck to my stomach!!!

I pretty much screamed and ran into the bedroom to make David pull it off.
I'm such a baby.

Obviously the first thing I thought about was lyme disease so I started to panic.
I panicked even more when I woke up and saw this:

Clearly concerned.
And since I never go to the doctor (literally), my insurance has my old OB/GYN listed as my primary since that's who covered Emmalee and I when she was born.

Let's be honest, my gyno probably doesn't know how to test for lyme.

So I freaked because a. I had to find a primary, b. had to find a primary with an opening asap and c. I had no clue what to do.
I started thinking of clinics I could just walk into to have them give me whatever I needed to heed off any infection and stumbled upon the CVS Minute Clinic!

I've seen other bloggers post about them so I crossed mys fingers and went to Taunton, which is the closet.
No wait, easy 5 minute check in, and I was diagnosed, prescribed and out of there within a half hour!

Thankfully, she said it didn't look like lyme but they gave me some crazy antibiotics and told me to come back if it got worse!

So glad it's over and so thankful for the CVS Minute Clinic!


  1. I use Minute Clinic from time to time too. I like the one in Rockland and Braintree. I'm glad the nurse practioner prescribed you an antibiotic just in case!

  2. Ugh, I hate ticks! My husband & I were turkey hunting a few years ago & I'm pretty sure all I did was pull them off me the whole time. Gah, gives me the creeps thinking about it! Glad you're good to go!


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