The Busy Giffs: Keurig Vue 500 from House Party!

May 20, 2013

Keurig Vue 500 from House Party!

Want to know the most ridiculous secret?

I don't drink coffee.
I don't even like the smell of it. 
No coffee ice cream, no coffee milk (which is like strawberry or chocolate but with coffee flavored syrup-- it's a New England thing), nada.
I drink tea and cocoa, but not coffee.
however, my husband drinks enough for the both of us.

People are always surprised when I say I have a Keurig because  well, I don't drink coffee, but the Keurig is so much more versatile!

I use it to heat up water for my cocoa, my tea, even my oatmeal!

So I was over the moon when I was invited to host a House Party for the new Keurig Vue 500!

While we already had a K-cup machine, the Vue puts it to shame.
The Vue allows you to brew your favorite cup, whether it's hot or over ice, with it's wonderful touchscreen!
You can control the strength of your coffee, the temperature, even the size of your coffee!

It's perfect size for the counter and the Vue cups come in the cutest flip top boxes!
And the Vue cups are the best! Green Mountain, Starbucks, Celestial, Newman's Own...

Now here's the super cool part:

because I was able to host a party, I have a 25% off coupon to share with you!!
The machine is usually 169.99 but with the 25% off coupon from my House Party it's only $127.50! Yowza!!
Use coupon HP-V500-4 before 5/31 to get your savings!

So the question is... which Vue cup would you brew first?

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