The Busy Giffs: I cheated on my bracelet with a blazer.

May 30, 2013

I cheated on my bracelet with a blazer.

You know what I love?

Free stuff.

Know what I love more?

When I win it.

At the Blog Better Boston Style Summit, Lulu's set up shop as one of the sponsors!

And here's where I sound silly... I had never heard of Lulu's before!
But when I saw a rack full of gorgeous clothes, I was instantly entranced. 
I scanned the rack and was a bit sad that it was mostly SMALLS and MEDIUMS, but they also had a table full of beautiful baubles so I participated in the #stylescavengerhunt anyways, hoping to win some pretty new arm candy!

Cute Bow Bracelet from LuLu's
And of course, I completed the challenge and settled on the bracelet, not even glancing at the clothes. 

Fast forward 6 hours later and I see a beyond gorgeous floral blazer hanging on the rack. 
Like jaw dropping, matched my outfit perfectly, gorgeous.
Size Large. Shut up.
And I try it on.
And fall in love. 
But I already picked my winner item so I hang it back up and go and sit and wait for the next speaker.
But I keep looking back.
And looking back.
And then I see the rep start packing up. And it's still hanging there.
And I think to myself: I need that blazer.

So I did what any self respecting person would do:
I got up, walked over and asked if I could swap.
She said yes, obviously and I fell in love with Lulu's clothes and customer service.

Disclaimer: I received the blazer as a prize. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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