The Busy Giffs: Pinterest Accomplished!

April 11, 2013

Pinterest Accomplished!

If we are friends on Facebook, you saw my attempting at a Pinterest post!

A friend posted this picture and I just loved it!

Our bedroom is done in grey, yellow and teal with dark wood furniture so I thought it would fit in perfect!

I had a couple of clearance canvases sitting in my craft room and already had the yellow, silver, white and black paint so it was super cost effective!

Obviously not identical, but I like it!

I poured the paints onto a paper plate and used my finger to make circles on the canvas.
After it dried, I did it a second time to really layer the colors.
I had a few blobs and I wish I didn't have it going so far down the canvas but it will work in the corner of our bedroom!

Have you completed any Pinterest projects?

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