The Busy Giffs: Grateful for Generosity

April 4, 2013

Grateful for Generosity

Sometimes my life is crazy.
Ok, always. My life is always crazy.
Days off are never really days off because of how my schedule works.

Monday-Friday : I teach full time.
Wednesday and Thursday : I stay after to tutor/give after school help.
Tuesday and Thursday: I have a 2.5 hour Grad classes.
Sunday: I waitress for a few hours, usually 8-2ish.

Which leaves me with Saturday... also known as "Chore Day".
I use my day off on Saturday to go to the grocery store, fold laundry, straighten up the rooms, etc. I mean, you know what cleaning day is like at your house.

So I can not describe how excited I was to have Friday off for the Good Friday holiday.  I immediately made plans to spend the day with Emmalee at the Providence Children's Museum.

We picked up discounted passes from the library early in the week and Thursday morning when I left the house to go to work (and stay after to tutor and then go right to class) the pass was still on the tv cabinet.
However, when we went to leave Friday morning, our pass was gone.
And I mean gone.
Like an hour and a half of searching later and it's still gone.

I was devastated. So ridiculously upset that I finally had a day off to go do something fun with my daughter and the universe told me to eff off.

I posted my frustration on Facebook and a half hour later, a friend messaged me privately volunteering to call the museum and pay for our passes so that I could spend time with Emmalee. I was floored, so appreciative but declined the offer. It was a sweet offer but I felt weird taking it.

I started to call other libraries to see if any had any discount passes still available for that day.
One said they had 2 passes but would not hold them so if someone else got there first, i was out of their hands.  I threw Emma into the car, hopeful to salvage our day out.

Half way down the highway, I get another message that someone else, without asking, had already called ahead and paid for passes for us!! How amazing is that??

The fact that both those women were willing to just turn around and pay for Emmalee and me just awes me. We had an amazing time and we may not have without the selflessness of someone else.  

Thank you so much!


  1. That is so sweet! It is really hard to accept the kindness of others sometimes, isn't it? I'm glad you got to spend a day with your daughter :).

  2. Hi! found you on a linkup! I’m a new follower!


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