The Busy Giffs: Anonymity

March 26, 2013


I've found recently that, I kind of wish I had a bit less transparency and a bit more anonymity while writing.

I truly love the other bloggers that I work with and have met through Twitter but sometimes I feel nervous about airing my life online where just about anyone can see it.
I'm not ashamed of what I write, nor do I worry about anything I've written.

I think more about my students being able to google me and that concerns me.
My Facebook is almost impossible to find, and if you do happen to find me, everything on my page is blocked unless I allow you to see it.

Sadly, Keeping Up with the Giffords is just too easy to find so over the next couple weeks, the blog will have a new name, a new URL, a new link-up, and ideally, a few design tweaks. 

I have registered for my first blog conference and have started swapping my buttons with other bloggers so I need to be serious about a name change now...

I hope you stick around;
I can not wait until April first to show you the new-ness!!

Meal Prepped Meat, Egg, and Cheese Breakfasts

So fun fact-- I've lost close to 20 pounds in the last few months.  It's a combination of medicating my thyroid, watching what I eat...


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