The Busy Giffs: Trauma: Night in the ER

January 31, 2013

Trauma: Night in the ER

To weeks ago, we had a bit of a trauma.

Emmalee fell off the rocking chair/glider in her bed room.
Me, being me, picked her up, put her head on my shoulder and tried to calm her down, saying she was okay.
I lifted her off my shoulder to check her out and there was a nice big splotch of blood on my shoulder where her head was and there was blood streaming down her face from above her eye and into her hair.

So of course, I panicked a bit.
I cleaned up the wound but the fact that it was still bleeding and the size of the swelling made me concerned.
I call the pediatrician and asked if he thought I should bring her in to their office for their emergency or if he thought she would need stitches, which would require us driving to Tobey hopital.

Thankfully it was Sunday night during the beginning of the Patriots game so roads were empty and we were able to get to Tobey quickly, and better yet, be seen quickly.

The doctor hoped to just use glue stitches but after cleaning it out, he decided it was too deep and would need real stitches. They made a papoose out of the hospital blanket and swaddled Emmalee so tightly that she couldn't move or fight back. One nurse held her body down while another held her head still while the doctor stitched her.

I wish I could say I was strong for her but I wasn't.
She screamed. And screamed. And screamed.
I know she wasn't in pain (she had been numbed out) but she was so upset about what was happening and I couldn't do anything to help her.
I rubbed her belly, sang to her, and kept trying to sooth her while tears streamed down my own cheeks.
I have never felt so terrible in my entire life.

She continued screaming throughout the stitches.
She cried for so long that she exhausted herself and fell asleep but still continued crying.

When the doctor was done, she was asleep. 
Whimpering, crying, still asleep.
I scooped up her little papoosed body and just laid there with her.

We were able to leave the hospital after, only being there for about two and a half hours.

Our next stop was Target for some baby Tylenol and a a treat for my little trooper.
Minnie Mouse, ice cream and goldfish crackers.

She's doing fine now but it was such a scary experience!

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