The Busy Giffs: Sleep Regression

January 7, 2013

Sleep Regression

We've always been really lucky with Emmalee.
She's always been a good eater, a good sleeper, etc.
Or, always had been.

The kid doesn't want to sleep lately.
Bedtime takes
She wants to be held, or her head rubbed, or she'll go down quietly and the start screaming 10 minutes later.
And then it repeats 3 times.

I keep reading that it's normal at 18 months since it's another development stage, but seriously kid...

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  1. We are going through this with Gracie right now, I don't know what it is! We did switch her to a big girl bed and she did fine the first week, then she just wouldn't sleep unless someone was holding her. We went through this a few times when she was in her crib too. I just put a baby gate at her door so she can't get out and let her cry it out. She hasn't cried more than 10 minutes and last night was the 2nd night and she did great, no problems at all. I think they just get used to you coming in there


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