The Busy Giffs: Pretty Little Tuesday!

January 29, 2013

Pretty Little Tuesday!


Really, that's all there is to say after last week's episode!

Meredith is certifiably insane, but Im not sure if she's "A-Team" insane or just straight up crazy.
Aria seems to completely believe her dad (but she's still dumb for destroying more evidence).
I'm really starting to believe the "Ali is alive" claim after she appears to Aria, although I have no idea what she meant when she said that she "chose Aria".

But of course, the biggest reveal was that Spencer knows!
Toby is on the A Team and his girlfriend figured it out.
I won't lie, I was near tears watching her cry outside his apartment door...
So will he redeem himself or is he really in the A Team for good?
Tonight's episode seems to preview (or maybe it's a flashback) Toby and Spencer together so who knows!

And a peek at tonight!

I'm so excited for more Ella!

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