The Busy Giffs: Baby Fever

January 3, 2013

Baby Fever

I'm not going to lie to you... 

for a long part of my life, I was content NOT having the dream of a husband and babies.
And then I met Dave and had Emmalee.

Having my daughter was the most amazing thing I've ever accomplished in my life, but the timing was terrible and it took us almost a year to recover from the financial nightmare we had fallen into.

After having Emmalee, I had Mirena put in.
You know, the super simple, IUD that you don't have to remember to take every day and can stay in there for up to 5 years thing?
In my book, it's awesome.
Simple, easy, no nonsense.

The only thing is that when I go in for my PAPs, which happen every 3 months, which is another story for another day, they check it out and make sure it's still where its supposed to be and isn't messing up my cervix at all.

Well, at the last appointment, my doctor commented that if I decided to have it taken out, I could do it during one of my PAPs to kill two birds with one stone.

I hadn't really thought of taking it out before that.

I went home, mentioned it to Dave, and suddenly I'm obsessed with the idea of having another child.

So we discussed what made the most logical sense if we had another.
I'd obviously want to wait until the Fall to try so that I'd have another summer baby and won't have to mess with missing work and having a sub, etc. We're both happy with where we are and there's stability and I'm looking at moving up in September. 
It makes sense to wait. Be pregnant all school year, but have another summer baby.

But here's the thing...

Ever since we decided we would try again... it's what I'm thinking about.

I've got the fever people.

Competitive Dance Team

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