The Busy Giffs: January 2013

January 31, 2013

Trauma: Night in the ER

To weeks ago, we had a bit of a trauma.

Emmalee fell off the rocking chair/glider in her bed room.
Me, being me, picked her up, put her head on my shoulder and tried to calm her down, saying she was okay.
I lifted her off my shoulder to check her out and there was a nice big splotch of blood on my shoulder where her head was and there was blood streaming down her face from above her eye and into her hair.

So of course, I panicked a bit.
I cleaned up the wound but the fact that it was still bleeding and the size of the swelling made me concerned.
I call the pediatrician and asked if he thought I should bring her in to their office for their emergency or if he thought she would need stitches, which would require us driving to Tobey hopital.

Thankfully it was Sunday night during the beginning of the Patriots game so roads were empty and we were able to get to Tobey quickly, and better yet, be seen quickly.

The doctor hoped to just use glue stitches but after cleaning it out, he decided it was too deep and would need real stitches. They made a papoose out of the hospital blanket and swaddled Emmalee so tightly that she couldn't move or fight back. One nurse held her body down while another held her head still while the doctor stitched her.

I wish I could say I was strong for her but I wasn't.
She screamed. And screamed. And screamed.
I know she wasn't in pain (she had been numbed out) but she was so upset about what was happening and I couldn't do anything to help her.
I rubbed her belly, sang to her, and kept trying to sooth her while tears streamed down my own cheeks.
I have never felt so terrible in my entire life.

She continued screaming throughout the stitches.
She cried for so long that she exhausted herself and fell asleep but still continued crying.

When the doctor was done, she was asleep. 
Whimpering, crying, still asleep.
I scooped up her little papoosed body and just laid there with her.

We were able to leave the hospital after, only being there for about two and a half hours.

Our next stop was Target for some baby Tylenol and a a treat for my little trooper.
Minnie Mouse, ice cream and goldfish crackers.

She's doing fine now but it was such a scary experience!

January 29, 2013

Pretty Little Tuesday!


Really, that's all there is to say after last week's episode!

Meredith is certifiably insane, but Im not sure if she's "A-Team" insane or just straight up crazy.
Aria seems to completely believe her dad (but she's still dumb for destroying more evidence).
I'm really starting to believe the "Ali is alive" claim after she appears to Aria, although I have no idea what she meant when she said that she "chose Aria".

But of course, the biggest reveal was that Spencer knows!
Toby is on the A Team and his girlfriend figured it out.
I won't lie, I was near tears watching her cry outside his apartment door...
So will he redeem himself or is he really in the A Team for good?
Tonight's episode seems to preview (or maybe it's a flashback) Toby and Spencer together so who knows!

And a peek at tonight!

I'm so excited for more Ella!

January 28, 2013

One Week Accomplished.

I officially survived my first week back in college!

I'm torn over my classes and how good they'll be. 
 I'm absolutely in love with my Thursday night class but a bit skeptical about my Tuesday night one.

Tuesday's class is with a teacher I had before and her and I don't see eye to eye on differentiating instruction.
I feel that offering instruction orally, and visually by handing out hard copies of notes or modified hard copies that they can fill-in as they follow along can be acceptable. 
I also feel that based on the student, you can read the test aloud or write for them.

She feels that you need to do everything for the student in order for them to succeed. 
Work one on one, read their test, fill in their test, give them a word bank, only give them half the questions...
While they are all strategies, they do not fit every single student on an IEP...

I digress.

I'll have to keep my thoughts to myself on Tuesday nights but I know whats expected and I'll do what I need to do to make the teacher happy.

Thursday night is the exact opposite.

It's about self reflective writing at the beginning of each class, papers every week about how you connect with the text and a large unit based on your interests you the classroom.

It's definitely more work than Tuesday night but I'm absolutely excited for it!

Ever had a terrible teacher? Or is there one who made you look forward to the 8 am class?

January 25, 2013

New Target Collaboration!

We all know I'm a sucker for Target collaborations and I am super excited for the newest one!
On February 10th, Target will sell it's collaboration with Prabal Gurung!!

It's bringing in so many pieces of a perfect Spring collection: flowers, brights, pastels, and easy to wear.
It's fresh, young, and the price points are to die for!

All images are courtesy of Elle.

I am loving that first dress so much! Plus the tote bag and these bottom flats!


January 24, 2013

First Snow.. Kind of.

We got some snow to finish out 2012.

Last year, Emmalee was really too small to understand snow and since she was barely crawling, she couldn't do much in it.
But this year, she can run, and fall, and play, and get pushed around in the snow.. and she had a blast!

And she loved it!
Like, "yelled at me and pounded on the front door trying to get back into the snow after I brought her inside so I could get ready for work" loved it!

January 22, 2013

Pretty Little Tuesday

It's Tuesday again!

I am starting my semester tonight and my class is from 4-7:30 so I'm not sure if I'll be home for the start of the show but the DVR is set! Worst case, I'll watch it at 10 pm with the West Coast-ers!

Last week was crazy!

We learned that:
 Lucas set the fire (trying to get Mona).
Lucas is also a hoodie wearer and was in the basement when the girls were at the beginning.
Mona is crazy and wants to run against Spencer for the academic team.
Lucas thinks that it was Mona driving the SUV, not Toby.

I don't trust Aria's dad. Not one bit.
And I'm sure I'm going on a limb but I'm thinking Aria is pregnant. She talks about "feeling queasy" briefly with Hanna and Emily... and if she falls like we see in tonight's sneak peek, the doctor would be able to tell when she goes to the hospital!

And for the magical sneak peeks:

See you next week for more Pretty Little Liars talk!

January 21, 2013

30 BY 30

My 27th birthday is in a month, which has got me thinking...
I'm getting so close to 30!
(Ok, not really, but kind of. Plus Dave turns 30 in a couple months so it's on the brain)
... and since I am so in love with the 30 by 30 lists, I decided to make my own!

In the next 3 years and 1 month I want to:

1. Be an English Teacher (have my own classroom)
2. Have baby #2.
3. Buy a house.
4. Own a pair of Manolos.
5. See a show ON Broadway.
6. Run a 5k.
7. Weigh 150 lbs again.
8. Get my Masters degree.
9. Do a photography challenge for a month.
10. Pay for someone else in the drive through behind me.
11. Get my palm read/fortune told.
12. Go to a blogging conference.
13. Re-learn how to sew and make a blanket from Em's old clothes.
14. Own a car that's less than 5 years old.
15. Go for a weekend trip to Martha's Vineyard.
16. Adopt a family for Christmas.
17. Buy a bicycle. A regular old fashioned bicycle.
18. Go to Vegas for my 30th! (even if it's only for 1 night!)
19. Start (and keep) a vegetable garden.
20. Spend a day at a spa/get pampered for one same day.
21. Learn to crochet or knit.
22. Buy brand new furniture.
23. Have dinner out with my husband at Top of the Hub or go to Blue Man Group (he's never been!)
24. Wear a bikini to the beach... no cover up.
25. Bring Emmalee to see the Rockafeller Christmas Tree.
26. Do a boudoir photo shoot.
27. Go to a group fitness class.
28. Buy an original piece of art and frame it in our house.
29. Go on our first family vacation (must be out of state, can't be CT)
30. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy.

Let's see what I actually accomplish!

January 18, 2013

I've been living a coffee lie.

I hate coffee.

I know, I'm like anti-American or something but I hate it.
Always have, even down to the flavor of coffee ice cream, or the smell of it brewing.

I've tried.
I've attempted sips of Marylou's coffee, which is often just milk and sugar with a splash of coffee. Which is kind of like Dave's coffee... but still nothing.

I was completely content drinking French Vanilla tea, or having a Vanilla Chai Latte.
Yes, a pattern of vanilla. How... exciting.

Well for Christmas, my supervisor gave us coffee mugs with a bag full of K-cups. Cute.
I immediately handed the k-cups to Dave, but one caught my eye.
It tastes like a combination of hot chocolate and french vanilla flavored creamer and I'm in love with it.
At 70 calories a cup, it's not that terrible, especially since I don't feel the need to add sugar to it.

But while reading the nutrition facts, I stumbled on to the ingredient list.
The last ingredient listed: INSTANT COFFEE.

Ummm... what?
Apparently I like coffee.
At least, this kind of coffee.

My life is a lie. ;)

January 17, 2013

In 2013.

In 2013 I will...

- Comment on the blogs I read, rather than just read and X out.
- Reply to ALL the emails I receive through my blog.
-Promote my own blog effectively.
- Get business cards.
-Go to a blogging conference.

-Make more time with my family (only use the computer after they're asleep)
-Go on our first vacation.
-  Go on at least 4 dates with David, just us.
- (maybe) add to our family.
- Get caught up on Emmalee's baby book.

-Learn to use makeup
-Add color to my wardrobe
-Be comfortable with my weight
-Continue my Masters degree.
-Get promoted at work.
- Read 25 books.

Not exactly resolutions, more of a to-do list.
Booyah 2013, let's do this.

January 15, 2013

Pretty Little Tuesday!

Hooray for Tuesday!

Pretty Little Liars is back on tonight!

I need to know:
- if Jason's injury is from Aria (although I'm not sure I believe it is, it's almost too simple for PLL)
- Who set that fire! I'm thinking Mona.
-When did Mr. Montgomery get so creepy?
- How did Mr. Creep from the motel become the janitor?

Ugh. So many questions.

Here's a few sneak peeks from tonight!

Come back next week and comment with your thoughts or any other Pretty Little Liar related post you write!

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