The Busy Giffs: Wish Lists!

December 6, 2012

Wish Lists!

Christmas is rapidly approaching so the inevitable question keeps coming up...

What do you want for Christmas?

And I always respond: "Ummmmm...."

So for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure:

For Emmalee:

She's so easy this year!
Anything Elmo, Mickey Mouse or coloring is right up her alley!
Things we thought about getting her (but didn't because really, she's getting too much already) are:
- A Stuffed Mickey or Minnie Mouse Doll
She is so overstocked on clothes and pajamas so she really doesn't need anymore.

For David:

Anything for the house or his XBox.
A weed wacker, lawn mower, power drill, etc.
He also has his heart set on XBOX points, or live time
Also a new controller or 2 since his only other one is currently held together with duct tape.
Disney Kinect Rush Video Game
Gift Cards to Game Stop

For Me:

Gift cards to TargetOld NavyMichaels, or Jo-Ann Fabrics

Hope that helps!

Ps. If you still aren't sure... we would gladly add funds to Emma's savings account OR we're hoping to go to Philly in May (so Emmalee can meet Elmo at Sesame Place) and any donations would be wonderful!


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