The Busy Giffs: Our Felt Christmas Tree

December 4, 2012

Our Felt Christmas Tree

Yep, you read that right.
We have a felt Christmas tree.

Ok, we really do but it's not our real tree.
We have our Christmas tree up (but not decorated) and in addition, we have another felt tree up on our wall for Emmalee.

I know, it's very Dr Seuss looking but she was trying to help so I just did it superfast. Whatever.

All it took was 1/2 a yard of green felt (60% off) and a couple sheets of the 29 cent felt from Michaels.

I hung the tree piece up with some commandstrips.
Then the "ornaments" are just shapes cut out of the smaller felt sheets.
Felt sticks to felt, so I was done at that point!

Emmalee likes to pull the ornaments off and stick them back up!
It's great for her finger dexterity and imaginative play skills!
And it's super cheap!
What's not to love?!

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