The Busy Giffs: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! King Richard's Faire

November 15, 2012

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! King Richard's Faire

You know what I love?

Free stuff.

If I'm not wasting hours looking for new activities and recipes on Pinterest or writing on this here blog, I'm usually just entering giveaways online.
Isn't that what the internet is for?
So you can see the cheapest way to get things or win them free?

Anyways, a couple weeks back I won a family pack of tickets to go to the King Richard's Faire Final Weekend from New Bedford Macaroni Kid!

It was my first time ever going, which is crazy because I've lived within 20 miles of it since I was 7!

The King Richards Faire is an 80 acre site that transports you to the old Renaissance period.

It's set in the middle of the woods and is absolutely adorable!

Emmalee wasn't really sure if she liked it when we first got there...

...might have had to do with the living statue.

There was live jousting,

show stoppers, $12 beers (Thanks Kristen!),

and tigers!

David showed off his physical prowess in archery...

 and the strength test- he even made it ding!

We finished the day by watching the Royal Procession,

and eating a turkey leg!

Okay, maybe Daddy shared his turkey leg with her... but she was all smiles by the time we were leaving!

Tickets cost $27 to get in and all of the food and amusements are additional, but we were able to enjoy an almost free day since my friend Kristen bought most of our food since we gave her to the two other tickets of the four that we won!

We had a great day and will definitely be looking at going again next year!

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