October 15, 2012

Blog Angel

This month I paired up with Rosie from Craftbotic to be a Blog Angel to another's blog.
I tweeted about their blog, commented on different posts and tried to drive traffic to their site.
And today is the big reveal.
I was a blog angel for Anissa at Chasing Hailey!
Her blog is super cute, and her kids are even cuter!
You should absoluetly go check out her blog... and leave a little extra love from me!!


  1. Speaking of Blog Angels, you might want to check out my latest post: http://littleoneroomschoolhouse.blogspot.com/2012/10/october-blog-angel-reveal.html

  2. great reveal post my fellow blog angel! :)

  3. Thank ya ma'am. A little bloggy love goes a looonnnggg way. Just to give some back....you been BOO'ed (in a good way, of course) Now go grab your button and boo supplies and spread the love missy! :-) Here's the link: http://chasinghailey.blogspot.com/p/boo-supplies.html



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