The Busy Giffs: Apple Picking

October 25, 2012

Apple Picking

Last month we wnet apple picking with Emmalee!
I know I'm late with it but between moving and then computer problems... forgive me.

We went apple picking at Keith's Farm in Acushnet.
We went on a Sunday afternoon and we pleasantly surprised with the day.
We expected it to be packed but although it was busy, we had plenty of apple picking space and there were a lot of apples left the last weekend of September!

We had to meet up with our new landlord to do a final house walk through so we did not go  on the tractor ride to the pumpkin fields but David and I really didn't think Emmalee would love it.

I think at this age she's just a bit too young to really "get it" and really going was a photo op for me kind of thing. She liked the apples and getting to eat one, she liked the fact that she could run through the grass but I'm hoping next year will be more fun because she will actually understand what we're doing!

Even though she didn't understand what we were doing, she looked pretty cute!

Have you taken your little one apple picking?

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