The Busy Giffs: A Little Boot Help

October 19, 2012

A Little Boot Help

I have been granted an early Christmas gift of a pair of boots.
I desperately love the trend, have for years and have always convinced myself it wasn't worth it because:
A. I was always at work, where I had to wear non-slip shoes.
B. I went out so rarely that I couldn't justify buying boots that expensive.
C. They are usually that expensive.

I'm super cheap. Like super duper cheap.

I don't spend more than $20 on a pair of jeans, and almost died when I spent $20 on LL Bean flip flops when I was pregnant (the Old Navy ones didn't give me the cushion I needed).
I find great sales and maximize my money so I usually get what I want without compromising my cheapness budget.

So please be excited with me... I found $30 boots. Not one but TWO pairs of $30 boots.
The extra bit in my paycheck for doing this job covering, I will be treating like a first paycheck and splurging (yes $30 is splurging) and a pair of boots but I need help, which pair?

A                                or                              B

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