The Busy Giffs: 15 Months!

September 19, 2012

15 Months!

So I'm a few days late... whatevs.
She just had her 15 month check up today!
She's a whopping 24 pounds and 34 inches long!
My little bug is just growing way way too fast. I feel like she's this short little person now and not just my baby.

You are still wearing 12 month onesies but are up to18 month pants! Long legs little girl! You are wearing mostly size 5 shoes now! You still fit in your size 4 pink old navy jellies but not for much longer!

Your hair has gotten so long, you ask for "babow" and point at the bows on your wall until we put one in your hair, sometimes you demand more than one!

You eat everything. And lots of everything. French fries are a favorite but we try and limit them to once a week. You still love your fruits and veggies and eat them first.  It doesn't matter what's on your plate, you always want whats on mine or daddy's, even if its the same exact thing! You  have to have a fork or spoon while eating and you prefer mine and daddy's real silverware to your plastic ones.

You love climbing, especially onto the couch or into your little green car. And you have no fear about getting back down, you usually just go face first.

You have a new temper tantrum, feet stopping backwards walking thing you do when you're upset. It's actually hilarious to watch so I can't really get mad at you for it. You burst into tears if we say NO to you, and yell if we're not doing things you want.

You really play with your toys now, things we didn't really use before are fulltime toys now. Your stuffed Elmo is one of your favorite toys, and you still say hi to him whenever you see him anywhere. Even on the juice bottles at the grocery store. You also enjoy any type of toy where you put a ball in a hole and it pops out somewhere else. You giggle lick crazy with these toys.

It's amazing how much you're growing every day!

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