The Busy Giffs: Recap

August 28, 2012


I've been a bad blogger and I can't even blame it on not having anything to share!
August has been CRAZY around here!
Let's see... where to start...

1. I gave my notice at the restaurant as a supervisor. I would like to stay and serve a bit until I get my first paycheck and see how things are going. I put in for a transfer to a store closer to where our new home will be as well!

2. The new house is coming along amazingly. Right now, we're just waiting for the new carpets to be put in and then we can start moving! The beautiful thing is that it's pretty much on the way to the school so I'll probably just bring a couple boxes to school each day and then stop and unload on my way home each afternoon! That way when we do the big move of furniture, etc, there's less to have to do that way! 
Ps. Any local friends: We're moving the 29th of September. If you're around, I'd love you forever.

3. Speaking of the new job, I had my first day there today. Got to meet most of the administrators, see my classroom, look at rosters, etc. It's still so crazy to me that in a week I'll be in front of a class full-time. It won't technically be my class but it's a step in the right direction. I did make my binders when I got home...

Because it's a vocational school, I'll have students for a 2 week rotation.
The first 2 weeks are 9th and 11th grade while 10th and 12th are in shop, and then it rotates for 2 weeks.
I played with some Lilly prints and came up with this as my final results for my binders!
Each binder has my schedules, my rosters and each classes syllabus!
A little OCD but hey, have we met?

4. My small child is no longer a small child. After trying on 4 pairs of shorts the other day, we realized we have to bump her up to size 18 month clothes! And yes, she's already 14 months but she's a bit of a peanut so was still fitting into her 12 month stuff! A lot of her 12 month dresses still fit her and most of the 18 month is still a bit big but I guess it's time to accept her getting bigger! Also, since she is walking full time now, we knew we had to get her some sneakers for the Fall.  We went to Payless and got her feet measured, she's a whopping 4.5!! Yikes!! I feel like she just exploded and is suddenly not my little baby anymore; she's growing up into a very independent toddler!

At the beach.

Showing me her dirty hands.

Being a big girl, sitting in a big girl chair and using a big girl spoon. Waaaaaaah.

5. I got to go to Countryfest with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney last weekend with my mom, aunt and sister while David watched Emmalee. I just love those men.

Honestly, how pretty is my little sister?! LOVE her!

Totally looks like my husband...hilarious. He didn't think so.

So I guess you're pretty updated with our lives now! I promise I just scheduled 2 more posts for this week and hopefully I can get some more drafted so I don't drop off the face of the blog again!

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