The Busy Giffs: 14 Months

August 15, 2012

14 Months

Would you believe my peanut is 14 months old!?
I stopped making monthly stickers at 12 months, but I may make one for 18 months... not really sure. So instead, I'm just going to put up some recent pictures of her for her update!

I feel like she is getting so big but whenever she's around other babies her age, she seems so tiny.  She definitely taller than most but is just a string bean in comparison. It doesn't make sense because she eats all day!! She's wearing size 3 shoes and 12 months clothes although shes starting to fit into some 18 month stuff, although most of it is still too big.

She uses a fork to eat... or tries to.. usually does a few bites and then just uses her fingers, but she knows what they are and always wants one to hold while she's eating.
Her diet is awesome, always eating fruit and veggies, turkey, cheese, meatloaf, loves mashed potatoes and chicken, and just about anything else you give her.
She got to try a brownie the other day and she could barely chew it because she just kept saying "MMMMMM" the whole time!
Also, she's a big fan of freeze pops. :)

Last weekend, we went to Newport, in honor of our wedding anniversary and she got to run around on the Cliff Walk, right behind Salve Regina. She's such a good walker now; she does the drunk stumble sometimes and still turns her feet in a bit, but the doctor says we have nothing to worry about since she's still technically learning.

Other than walking, she loves CLIMBING! She has a wicker chair that she is constantly climbing into but last night, she decided to start climbing on the laundry basket! I think she looks like a very cute lion in the circus, don't you!?

She loves puzzles and coloring lately. If she sees a pen, she wants to hold it, she even scribbled in her uncles birthday card, all on her own!!

We did have to send one of our dogs to my mom's house, it was just getting to be a bit too scary having her around Emmalee. Too many nips and growls for our comfort. However, she she left, Emmalee and our other dog Bailey have been getting along amazingly. Emma has started petting nicely and Bailey is such a good girl when Em does get a little rough.  They are think as thieves, sitting in the kitchen eating Emmalee's Cheerios as she feeds them to Bailey....

I know in a blink of an eye, she'll be getting bigger, but I'm so happy to have all these pictures of her!

Ps. This totally would have been up on Monday, except for the fact that I was anxious as hell to undergo IV sedation and have teeth pulled on Tuesday... Blogging was the last thing on my mind... but how cute is she sitting the waiting room with my husband... just watching Bubble Guppies... :)

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  1. Hello Heather! I saw your sweet comment on my post at Melissa's blog (the life of a not so ordinary wife), and I wanted to come and say hello!

    So glad that i did...your blog is so cute, and oh my goodness..your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL! These photos are priceless. It's amazing how fast these kiddos grow, I feel the same way about my little girl :(

    <3 very happy to *meet* ya! :D


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