The Busy Giffs: The Stuff Diet

July 8, 2012

The Stuff Diet

Ok, so before you roll your eyes, it's not the type of diet you think.
We won't be counting calories or going to the gym.

I actually got the idea from another blogger, The Cocktail Deeva's blog, but have taken it a step farther.
The idea is simple:

Don't spend money on anything not absolutely necessary.

And I mean necessary, and no, Starbucks is not.
Thank God I don't drink coffee.
Should be easy right?
But go into your bank account and look.

So what sparked this?
There's two things:

1. We will be moving in two and a half months into a house and a. need to come up with the extra "move in" money like the security, UHaul Rental, etc and b. want to have as much in the savings a possible until we get a feel for what our bills will be like each month.
2. After we factored in Emmalee's birthday party, a new tv stand, concert tickets for later in September, we realized we had spent over what we had expected to this month.
We're finally abck on the upswing of where we were last year and it's nice to be able to just go buy something.. it's a commodity that we lost...
And, I could justify all of these purcahses...

"Well, she only turns one once"
"If we don't buy a stand and it breaks completely, we'll end up having to buy a new tv too"
"The dress was only $12 and I'll need one for the wedding in September"
"Well I sold my conference pass so we can use that money for the concert tickets"

But in the end, it's all money that would be just as happy sitting in my savings account.
 I googled "money diet" and stumbled upon this gem for "the rules", check it our here, but we are setting our own as well.

Money can only be spent on utilities, gas for the cars and groceries.
We have 2 $20 dates set aside, and how we spend them is up to us, but must be less than $20 each.

After looking at our calendar and realizing we have no big plans scheduled this month (which is awesome) we really think we can do this. 

We're already a week in and I'll be updating this (hopefully) once a week so I can be a bit more accountable for our family's spending habits. 

What do you think?
Could you do it?
No clothes, booze, Dunkins... for one whole month?

Disclaimer: We did have a birthday party to attend and spent a whopping $3 on a frame. But is that really unnecessary? I mean, you can't show up to a birthday party without a gift... and at that price.
But that's my only justification all month!

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  1. glad your giving this a the money element to yours..Can't wait to hear more..Cheers


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