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July 16, 2012

My Wish List

This is a bit of a shopping list/wish list because everyone knows that when you move you need to buy things to make up for what you lose in your original space.

We are moving in September and although it's a (much) bigger space, we are losing two super important things, kitchen cabinets and closets.
I know, right?

Our current kitchen is a galley kitchen with cabinets down both sides, so even though we'll be in an eat in kitchen, the cabinets only form an L shape so we're losing half that space!

And currently, our closets are to die for. We have a 6 foot, double door, walk through and Emmalee has an 8 foot closet. Where we are going, we will have a 6 foot closet with the normal siding doors but Emmalee will have a very small, 3 foot closet stuck in an eave-space.

Meaning we have to figure out some storage space for the kitchen and her closet.

For the kitchen:

One of these would be perfect.
Both are 71" tall meaning they would absolutely be tall enough for some true storage.
And are both less than $80!

Speaking of the kitchen, we reaaaaaally want to get a square or rectangular table.
I keep going back to this style:

Emma's room should be an easy fix.
Surprisingly, KMart makes a wonderful dresser that is frequently on sale for $40.
We've had one for Emma for over a year already and it's been great, even better condition than the Target brand one that we bought around the same time.

We figure one more should be able make up for the extra stuff hanging in her closet.
We're also assuming we'll need to be one more for me and one more for David.
Otherwise, we'll need to find 3 dressers for our clothes.

I also need a TON of these:
We'll finally have a basement to store things in but since they're all currently in cardboard boxes right now, they'll probably get that yucky basement smell to them so we need to invest in a bunch of these. I'd love the clear ones so I can see easier but you know me, I'll buy whichever is cheapest!

Thankfully those are the only things we really need to get, but in true "me" fashion, there's a ton more I'd love to get!

A new desk, one where the computer can be hidden from Emmalee. She already destroyed one USB plug on it so we need to be able to hide it behind a door. This one from Ikea is only $80!

I've always wanted a bench like this where we can sit and take out shoes off. This one, from Walmart, would match the decor we're going for perfectly!

With a real back yard, you need a fire pit! I've seen a few around $60-$90 but we're hoping to get one on clearance at the end of the summer!

And since we're outdoors,
we'll have a really large sized deck and would love to have a ding set to set outside at!
This one is only $99 at IKEA! LOVE!

Ok, so this is really not necessary but we're going to be on a full acre and god bless Dave, he's agreed to take care of the mowing duties to save even more off our rent.
We absolutely need the regular mower but a ride on would be to die for.

Plus lets throw in some decorative stuff... pictures and frames, a couple mirrors, and a couple more bookcases and we may just be settled!

I mean, does anyone else do this? Or am I completely crazy?

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  1. you're not alone! we're closing on a house this week but wont be able to actually move in for at least a month. I already have a loooonnnngggg wish list... but it's more like a new front door, a new garage door, a play ground and a basketball court. It all keeps adding up!
    Good luck with the move... and the shopping spree.

  2. i would totally miss the closet space too. in fact i do. i had like an 8 foot walk in before in our small house. not i live in a big house. closets are still decent, but def not as big...

  3. New follower courtesy of the GFC blog hop! hope to have you as a follower as well.


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