The Busy Giffs: Inspiration

July 18, 2012


We signed the lease on our new place last week and I popped over today to see how progress was going on it!

What progress?

The beautiful thing about this is that the place were moving into is being completely renovated as we wait for our lease here to expire.

New paint in the rooms, new appliances in the kitchen, a new tub/bath surround put in.
In addition, the upstairs closets were sheetrocked, the landing to the basement was also sheetrocked and the basement has been painted white to make it not quite so "basement-looking"..
They're putting in new rugs, and new windows.

When I went today, the sheetrock was up, the windows are done, the kitchen has been repainted and the old appliances are gone!
The bathroom has already been fitted with a new tub and bath surround and is painted! They even restained the wood cabinets!
I cant believe how much work has been done already!

So obviously since I'm looking at almost a clean slate, the decorating wheels are spinning!

I (obviously) turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and found I keep going towards beach cottage! The house has some dark wood trim, but the rest will be done in some great beachy neutrals!

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