The Busy Giffs: Friday Brain Dump

July 27, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

There is SO much going on...
but really, not much of anything which is kind of nice!


I got to spend today with my friend's amazingly wonderful 6 week old.
I must say, holding a 6 week old and watching Emmalee try and hug her was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a while. 

Emmalee was pretty content trying to climb up to the second floor and feed the dog, but when I let my friend go take a shower, Emmalee was pretty happy snuggled up against me and the baby on the couch.

This is my theory: 
Moms who breastfeed have magic boobs. And obviously, when the baby is near mom, they are fussy because they know that food is there. When they are with a stranger without magic boobs, they are content because they know there is no food around.
So they are on their best behavior, knowing that no matter how much they fuss, they know the boobs will not give them anything. 
So as soon as they get back to mom, they fuss like crazy saying "Look Ma, I was good so feed meeeeeee".

Emma did it to me and I watched the baby do it to my friend.
Maybe it's just us, but I think I'm on to something.

We finally have a working washer and dryer again... after three weeks!
First they lost the work order, they it was filed but the necessary phone call was never made...
needless to say, I called and was a bit of a jerk and I had a working dryer 4 hours later.
However, doing 4 loads of laundry yesterday, sucked.

Speaking of laundry, we found out that the house were moving into will no longer have a washer and dryer in it. Waaaaaah.
Sucks because we had planned on them being there and our funds are still very tight so buying new ones seems kind of out of the question.
I started looking on Craigslist and the local scratch and dent stores but we'd still be looking at a few hundred for the set... and then it's like if we're already spending $400 on a sued set, why not just spend $700 and get brand new ones?! But we barely have the money for used ones, never mind new ones! 
I'm just going to cross my fingers that someone is giving up an amazing brand new set because they have too much money than they know what to do with and we end up with them.
I can dream right?!
We'll make it work, we always do.


I'm obsessed with Modern Family.
I just, just started watching it last week and I die every time.
I rented the first season from the library and plan on watching all of it, I think I may have even gotten Dave hooked! And yes, I know I'm late to the party but I'm very happy to be a part of it now!

I want to chop off all of my hair.
Like Chelsea Kane or Ginnifer Goodwin short, Good win before she buzzed the sides...

I'm debating between some highlights to help it get closer to natural, or sticking to some light golden brown color.
I'm not really sure but I know I need a big change before school starts!

And sadly, Sable no longer lives with us. :(
After a couple snaps at Emma that resulted in Sable biting David, it was time to say goodbye.
She's currently at moms and although the cats are not too pleased with it, the other dog is pretty thrilled and we're hoping this works out well!
As much as I hate to see her go, it's nice to not have to worry about her biting Emmalee while she's eating dinner, worry about her growling at Emmalee if she moves too quickly...
I'm very happy that she's only at mom's so we'll be able to see her still.

I guess that's it for now.
I know there's more in my head but I'm sleepy and ready for bed!

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  1. Yay for a working washer and drier! I can't even imagine not having one for even a day. Cutest picture ever of y'all on the couch!

  2. LOL at the "magic boobs." I think you're onto something there!!! K has TOTALLY done that!! And I love that short bob on Ginnifer!


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