The Busy Giffs: Cable

July 31, 2012


I don't watch much TV.
I am die hard for Pretty Little Liars, every Tuesday night at 8 pm. but that's it. That's my only must watch tv show.
Most times, I end up watching my DVR'd version because Emmalee decided she wanted to stay up until 8:30.
Tonight I realized they have full episodes on ABC Family so really, I could just watch them on the computer rather than the DVR...

Which got me thinking, 
Do we really need the cable?

We're not big tv watchers, I mean, if it's on, we'll surf and find something but I think I could live without it.
I'm pretty sure we'd get channels 2 to like, 25 without a cable box and for another few bucks we can stream Hulu or Netflix to the Xbox and still spend much less than we spend now.

Have you ever given up cable?
What do you think?

Could you do it?
Am I crazy?

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