The Busy Giffs: Cable

July 31, 2012


I don't watch much TV.
I am die hard for Pretty Little Liars, every Tuesday night at 8 pm. but that's it. That's my only must watch tv show.
Most times, I end up watching my DVR'd version because Emmalee decided she wanted to stay up until 8:30.
Tonight I realized they have full episodes on ABC Family so really, I could just watch them on the computer rather than the DVR...

Which got me thinking, 
Do we really need the cable?

We're not big tv watchers, I mean, if it's on, we'll surf and find something but I think I could live without it.
I'm pretty sure we'd get channels 2 to like, 25 without a cable box and for another few bucks we can stream Hulu or Netflix to the Xbox and still spend much less than we spend now.

Have you ever given up cable?
What do you think?

Could you do it?
Am I crazy?

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  1. We gave up cable when we got engaged in 2006 in order to save money... and never went back.
    We got netflix and hulu and we got an antenna (bunny ears). We get the local channels with the antenna (nbc, abc, cbs, fox, pbs) and then use netflix and hulu for the rest. Of course we don't get showtime, so we have to wait for the dvd's of Dexter to come out, but it's worth it for the savings! The kids love pbs... even when they have the option of watching disney or nick, they'll choose the pbs shows.
    I love NOT having cable. It's freed up our lives and simplified it in a lot of ways. It's just not important, ya know. i'd rather have the cash.

  2. I don't have cable, and haven't for the entirety that I've lived in my new place. I do have wireless internet though, so netflix and random websites that leak shows right after they air are my crack. :)

  3. I've given up cable a couple times in my life, and we don't have it right now. We got rid of it about a year ago (maybe longer, I don't remember?) and I haven't missed it. The truth is, it's only saving us $20/month. The problem was, when we had it we watched junk. Nothing good at all. We rely on Netflix and borrowing TV on DVD from friends now, and though it's not like we're watching wholesome stuff, it's not the junk we were putting on just to have it on in the background anymore.
    We do have an antenna, and even though it's small we get something like 20 channels. We get all the networks at least, so it's not like we're completely out of touch.

  4. What's funny is the ONLY thing I miss is Pretty Little Liars! All the others shows I love are on Hulu Plus which I stream through our Xbox to the TV! We have Netflix and Amazon Prime and that has streaming options too!

  5. I LOVE pretty little liars! We have direct tv, and I don't think we could get rid of it. Hubs and Gracie watch shows more than I do, I could totally do without it though =)

  6. We've talked about giving up cable a bunch of times but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I'm sure that we can get everything that we watch either online, on Netflix, or somewhere but cable just makes it so easy that we haven't given it up yet!


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