The Busy Giffs: Magic Mike

June 26, 2012

Magic Mike

I have to tell you, I am STOKED for this movie, yes, excited enough to bring back a 90's phrase.
I'm amazed by how little people are talking about it.

Do we see how unbelievably attractive this cast is?


For some reason I can't comprehend, Hubs has no desire to see it, whatever.
I may have a small window of opportunity to see it Saturday morning otherwise, I'll have to kill someone to get in to the theaters!

On a side note, is it bad that I feel like Magic Mike is this summer's theatrical version of 50 Shades of Grey?
Like I want to be so in love with it and tell everyone, but I know I'll get some sideways glances when I mention it.

Public Scruntiny for 2 hours of half naked Matthew and Channing?
Done and done.

Oh, and to leave you for the rest of your Tuesday...

you're welcome.

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  1. Oh I actually squeeled when I saw this post...half naked men, woohoooo :)
    I can't wait to go and see this movie!
    Found you through the GFC blog hop and added myself to your followers. You've got a great blog, looking forward to reading some more.

  2. I saw your tweet and ran over. I couldn't agree more with this post. I'm dying to see this movie with my girls. New follower.

  3. Hi! I am a new follower from the GFC blog hop. Blog post is hilarious about the way I could drag my husband to it :)

  4. A friend of mine has been talking about this movie non stop for the past month and because of her - I really have no interest in seeing it now.

  5. Can't wait for this movie! I had a bunch of girls over last night, and all we did was discuss when to see it. My husband rolled his eyes and went to a bar to avoid the entire discussion :-)

    Just found you via the GFC hop, can't wait to read more!


  6. hi from the gfc hop!


    have a good night!

  7. I don't care if this movie ends up sucking, I will gladly pay $10 to just watch them all dance around with no expectation of actual plot quality. The only thing that could possibly make this movie any better is if Ryan Gosling was in it. Also- agree with the Fifty Shades comment 100%!

    PS-great blog :)



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