The Busy Giffs: Magic Mike

June 26, 2012

Magic Mike

I have to tell you, I am STOKED for this movie, yes, excited enough to bring back a 90's phrase.
I'm amazed by how little people are talking about it.

Do we see how unbelievably attractive this cast is?


For some reason I can't comprehend, Hubs has no desire to see it, whatever.
I may have a small window of opportunity to see it Saturday morning otherwise, I'll have to kill someone to get in to the theaters!

On a side note, is it bad that I feel like Magic Mike is this summer's theatrical version of 50 Shades of Grey?
Like I want to be so in love with it and tell everyone, but I know I'll get some sideways glances when I mention it.

Public Scruntiny for 2 hours of half naked Matthew and Channing?
Done and done.

Oh, and to leave you for the rest of your Tuesday...

you're welcome.

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