June 2, 2012

Here To This

Oh, so you noticed the new name?

I've realized that this blog has evolved into more than just updates of Emmalee.
While I do her monthly updates, and keep people in the loop of our lives, I'm also networking and meeting wonderful new friends every week!
It really wasn't "Keeping Up" with us anymore, so a new name has been born.


I've had this name in my head for months.
And yes, it's inspired by the song that's probably playing in your head right now...

My husband and I love Darius (Hoootie!!) and when this song hit the radio I  couldn't help but picture our wedding day.
I love this song and no matter what we have to go through together, our love and determination bring us through it.

Here to a wonderful marriage.
Here to a perfect baby girl.
Here to the excitement of a new house.
Here to the accomplishment of new jobs.
Here to my personal sounding board.
Here to new goals and priorities.
Here to This.

And this, right now, is the best thing I ever could have asked for.

So every day, I'll write about this.
Keeping Up With The Giffords

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