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June 1, 2012

Book Club

I must say, I came back in full reading force this week after the ridiculousness of reading half a book in three weeks!

Book #22

From Amazon:
As a young man, Jacob Jankowski was tossed by fate onto a rickety train that was home to the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. It was the early part of the great Depression, and for Jacob, now ninety, the circus world he remembers was both his salvation and a living hell. A veterinary student just shy of a degree, he was put in charge of caring for the circus menagerie. It was there that he met Marlena, the beautiful equestrian star married to August, the charismatic but twisted animal trainer. And he met Rosie, an untrainable elephant who was the great gray hope for this third-rate traveling show. The bond that grew among this unlikely trio was one of love and trust, and, ultimately, it was their only hope for survival.

I really enjoyed this book. And no, I have not seen the movie. It reminded me of the Notebook, flashing between an old dying man and his memories, but overall, I liked it.
I finished it in one night, that's got to say something right?

Book #23

From Amazon:
To five-year-old-Jack, Room is the world. . . . It's where he was born, it's where he and his Ma eat and sleep and play and learn. At night, his Ma shuts him safely in the wardrobe, where he is meant to be asleep when Old Nick visits. 

Room is home to Jack, but to Ma it's the prison where she has been held for seven years. Through her fierce love for her son, she has created a life for him in this eleven-by-eleven-foot space. But with Jack's curiosity building alongside her own desperation, she knows that Room cannot contain either much longer.

Room is a tale at once shocking, riveting, exhilarating--a story of unconquerable love in harrowing circumstances, and of the diamond-hard bond between a mother and her child.

I have to be totally honest. I tweeted after about 30 pages, asking if I should continue to read it. It has a very slow start but by the middle of the book, I couldn't put it down and I had to know what was going to happen.

I know this will sound morbid, but I have nightmares about bad things happening to myself or Emmalee. Whether it's someone breaking into my apartment, or her just being gone in the morning one day, it scares the hell out of me. I don't know why but sometimes in my dreams, I'm able to save her. I have a strength I don't know. Sometimes I sacrifice myself for her. I know it sounds strange but reading this book made me question what wouldn't I do to protect my daughter?

It was a very good book, a bit heavy and emotional, but completely worth the read.

Book #24

From Amazon:
The bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing returns with the story of three best friends who vow to change their entire lives...and change them fast.
Emmy is newly single, and not by choice. She was this close to the ring and the baby she's wanted her whole life when her boyfriend left her for his twenty-three-year-old personal trainer -- whose fees are paid by Emmy. With her plans for the perfect white wedding in the trash, Emmy is now ordering takeout for one. Her friends insist an around-the-world sex-fueled adventure will solve all her problems -- could they be right?
Leigh, a young star in the publishing business, is within striking distance of landing her dream job as senior editor and marrying her dream guy. And to top it all off, she has just purchased her dream apartment. Only when Leigh begins to edit the enfant terrible of the literary world, the brilliant and brooding Jesse Chapman, does she start to notice some cracks in her perfect life...
Adriana is the drop-dead-gorgeous daughter of a famous supermodel. She possesses the kind of feminine wiles made only in Brazil, and she never hesitates to use them. But she's about to turn thirty and -- as her mother keeps reminding her -- she won't have her pick of the men forever. Everyone knows beauty is ephemeral and there's always someone younger and prettier right around the corner. Suddenly she's wondering...does Mother know best?
These three very different girls have been best friends for a decade in the greatest city on earth. As they near thirty, they're looking toward their future...but despite all they've earned -- first-class travel, career promotions, invites to all the right parties, and luxuries small and large -- they're not quite sure they like what they see...
One Saturday night at the Waverly Inn, Adriana and Emmy make a pact: within a single year, each will drastically change her life. Leigh watches from the sidelines, not making any promises, but she'll soon discover she has the most to lose. Their friendship is forever, but everything else is on the table. Three best friends. Two resolutions. One year to pull it off.

Yikes, that's a long description!
Have you ever had deja book?
Like you know you've read it before?
I think I read this already!
Maybe, but I'm not sure.
It was decent, I don't think I'd grab it again, and I'm not sure it's very memorable since I can;'t figure out if I've read it before...

Keeping Up With The Giffords


  1. great selection of books! i enjoyed water for elephants too although i loved the movie a bit more (must because i adore reese witherspoon lol).

    i have ROOM on my list,i am looking forward to it.

    happy weekend!

  2. I hear you about nightmares about kids. Now that I have two my biggest nightmare is that they will both me in some sort of trouble and I can only get to one. I freak just thinking about it!! LOVED WFE and the other two are both on my to read list!

  3. I got Room a couple of days ago for my kindle but haven't started to read it yet! But I will definitely start tonight!

  4. I really enjoyed Water for Elephants. I did like the movie, but like most things I do think the book was better.

    And while I've heard some great things about Room and want to read it, it's one that I haven't had a chance to pick up yet.

  5. I loved water for elephants.
    Room-too depressing for me. I wrote a review on it recently here-

  6. I keep thinking the same thing about Chasing Harry Winston!

  7. I didn't read Water for Elephants, but I did like the movie.


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