The Busy Giffs: Time

May 10, 2012


Who isn't talking about this article right now?
I'm not sure how I feel about it.

It sparked a conversation between Dave and I about when I would be done breastfeeding.
Emma is almost a year old and I assumed I would wean at that point but I'm not going to lie to you, I'm a little sad about it.
I never thought I would be able to breastfeed, let alone continue it for a year and now I'm afraid that I will lose that time with her.
Do I think I would nurse her until she's 3? No.
12 months? 15 months? 18 months? I don't know.

I do know that this is NOT how you bring awareness to breastfeeding.
Is breastfeeding special to this mother and her child? 
Most likely, but I have to wonder, would so many people be upset about it if she was cradling a 6 month old?
Are people upset about the breastfeeding or the fact that the child is 3? I've seen multiple people comment:

 "It's fine if you do it, I just don't want to see it".

Hmmm... where have we heard that before?
As a mother who essentially attachment parents, I see no reason to scoff this mother for continuing to breastfeed her child. 
There is no evidence that prolonged breastfeeding hinders a child, just as data is inconclusive that it's "better" for them to continue after one year.

 It is a personal, special moment that can absolutely be shared in public. 
I breast feed in public. 
I let me daughter sleep in my bed when she wakes up at 4 am for a feeding.
Would you like to crucify me?

She's a mother who made the choice to make her decisions to breastfeed her child until he is 3 very public. She, and her son, will have to deal with the scrutiny of people everywhere for what I assume to be, years to come.
However, you won't hear me judge her.
She's a mom, doing what she feels is best for her kid.
And God help you, if you think you are mightier than that.

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