The Busy Giffs: In September...

May 20, 2012

In September...

Ok, before I say what it is, there better be NO "Agaaaaaain??" comments...

We're moving!!

Ya, ya, I know.
But shut up.
We have moved a bit but it's always for something better.
We started in a second floor apartment, moved to a ground floor apartment, moved to a larger apartment in a better part of  town that was updated and now...

We will be moving into a 3 bedroom house!!!!
Yep, a house. A 2 story, 3 bedroom house with a deck and a driveway and a BIG yard for the pups!
It's at the end of a dead end street and is in East Freetown
And, even better than that?
It will be less than what we are paying now!!

Gah, I am so excited!!

The family that lives there now just bought a house so they will be moving out mid July.
During that time, the owners are putting in new carpets, upgrading the kitchen appliances, painting the exterior trim, putting in some new windows, and putting in a new tub/shower surround.
Also, we get to pick out the new paint colors!!
It's going to be so new and pretty...

And the really fabulous thing about finding out now is we have a few months to get things!
Which means I can get the best prices on things like... 

Tools on Father's Day 
(I would like an electric sander, an electric drill, and a crazy industrial stapler)

Summer/Beach Decor at the end of the season
(to decorate my "beach house"!!)

Furniture/Housewares at Back To School Sales
(appliances, furniture, etc)

How awesome!?

So that's our big news! 
Exciting, right?!


  1. Very exciting!! Congrats to you!! = )

  2. Congratulations! Its so nice to have a yard! Sounds like a great move!


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