The Busy Giffs: I'm going to Blogher!!

May 3, 2012

I'm going to Blogher!!

I can't even handle my excitement!

I'll say it again..

I'm going to BlogHer '12

I'm going to BlogHer!!
Well, at least I'm hoping to!

I won a ticket courtesy of Everything Mom!!

BlogHer is a HUGE weekend long conference for bloggers to get together, learn and network! I reeeeeally wanted to go but at tickets close to $300 for the weekend, I really couldn't justify going.  I entered into 4 different contests to try and win!

I still need to finagle sleeping arrangements.
It's taking place at the Hilton in Midtown the first weekend of August and the going rate for the completely booked rooms is over $200 a night.
The hubs has family in CT so I was considering staying there each night and taking the train in but its an hour and a half ride plus I would miss all the night time events, and then I'm really only going to half the conference and at $140 total for back and forth, it has it's drawbacks.
I was offered a spot in a room with a couple other women, bringing my total for 3 nights (Thurs-Sun) to $200.
I can afford that, to be there.
But then I'm away from the princess and the hubs for 3 full days... not sure about that...

I really hope I can figure out something because it's just amazing to me and I wouldn't have this opportunity otherwise.

But since this is my first blogging conference ever, I have a few questions.

-- Where do people get their business cards from? I feel like they are a necessity to network.

-- Am I silly to want those night time events or should I just stay with family in CT to save on the money?

-- How important is a laptop/iPad? Will I be completely weird if I just bring a notebook and then stay connected via my phone and Nook like I always do?

Are you going? Any words of advice?

Ps. Check back NEXT Thursday for my new link up: Thrifty Thursday!

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