The Busy Giffs: The First Time.

May 23, 2012

The First Time.

I have a confession.
A dirty shameful confession.

Last night, for the first time ever...

I stopped reading a book midway through.
Gasp, I know.

You can run away screaming now if you'd like but hear me out. 

I am waist deep in my 50 Book Challenge, finishing off my 20th book at the beginning of May.
More than 3 weeks later, I'm still at 20 because it has taken me weeeeeks to read the first 160 pages of this book.
I don't love it.
It's boring and I'm not interested.  

I have not read a full book yet in May.
At the rate I was reading, I should be on my fourth or starting my fifth by now.
As David said, I'll never reach 50 books this year if It takes me another 4 weeks to read the second half of a book I can't stand.

Are we still friends?
Can you look past my shameful actions?

Good, because I'm already 188 pages into a book I started yesterday!
Can't wait to share on Friday!


  1. Don't be ashamed at all!!

    I've done this many times! This is my take on it, if I can't get into it & it's taking me so long to finish, why waste my time? Especially when my to be read list on Goodreads is 80 miles long! I'd rather read something I love & enjoy it!

    Looking forward to see what you're reading now!

  2. Haha, I've done that before, and it's OK! I'm glad you decided to move on to something you apparently love!

  3. I hardly EVER put down a book but when I find myself dreading reading a book, I know its time. I have really only done it once and that was Eat Pray Love. I am curious which book you put down :)


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