The Busy Giffs: The First Time.

May 23, 2012

The First Time.

I have a confession.
A dirty shameful confession.

Last night, for the first time ever...

I stopped reading a book midway through.
Gasp, I know.

You can run away screaming now if you'd like but hear me out. 

I am waist deep in my 50 Book Challenge, finishing off my 20th book at the beginning of May.
More than 3 weeks later, I'm still at 20 because it has taken me weeeeeks to read the first 160 pages of this book.
I don't love it.
It's boring and I'm not interested.  

I have not read a full book yet in May.
At the rate I was reading, I should be on my fourth or starting my fifth by now.
As David said, I'll never reach 50 books this year if It takes me another 4 weeks to read the second half of a book I can't stand.

Are we still friends?
Can you look past my shameful actions?

Good, because I'm already 188 pages into a book I started yesterday!
Can't wait to share on Friday!

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