The Busy Giffs: Aloha Diapers

May 26, 2012

Aloha Diapers

I am not, by any means, I diaper brand snob.
We are very lucky that Emmalee has a booty that can stand up to just about anything.
Seriously, we've used the Aquaphor maaaaaybe 5 times in close to a year, ya.
I usually buy the Luvs box from BJ's, which is HUGE, and it lasts us about a month.
However, I jumped when I saw that Babies R Us was selling their Blue Jean diapers for only $5 a box a month back. I mean, with free shipping, how do you say no?!

But even better, Huggies just released their Hawaiian diapers!
I die.
I love these!!

I'm not sure I can stomach the price.
Between eleven and thirteen dollars for 29 diapers, in a size 3.
That's quite a bit as far as price per diaper considering the BJ's Luvs come out to about 11 cents each...

But I do love them.

So, you know, if you happen to be shopping and see them and think of Em's cute little bum...
She's currently a size 3.

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