The Busy Giffs: Two Identities

April 30, 2012

Two Identities

I feel like I am two people stuck in one body when I apply for jobs.

Person 1 is an education Masters student who has 3 certifications through the state of Massachusetts that range from Preschool, to middle school to high school with an additional elementary school one pending.
I've been working in schools as a teacher since I was a junior in high school doing a co-op for the preschool.  Then I was a lunch aide/recess helper, a 2nd grade classroom aide, and a substitute for 6 different school systems over 8 years. 

Person 2 is an amazing salesperson, supervisor, and all around customer service expert. First job was at Best Buy at 16 and worked in a form of retail/sales ever since, going to Build A Bear, Circuit City and then into restaurants working at Friendlys. Factor in work as a Resident Assistant and Orientation Leader and it shows that Person 2 is an amazingly personable sales person.

But for some reason, these two people don't look right together on a resume. 

Do schools care that I helped create and implement the training program we use in all of the corporate stores for every new hire?
Does a sales marketing job care that I have passed 6 different Massachusetts Teacher Educator Licensure tests?

Obviously my objective is different for both personalities
so how do I make those two personalities live harmoniously on the paper?
Does it seem like I don't have passion for either if my resume says Looking for A or B? I feel like it should only say one...

Do I really care which track I end up on?

No. Not at all.

Would I be happy if I spent the rest of my life teaching English to high schoolers? Yep.
Would I be happier than if I worked in an office, interacting with customers all day? I don't think so.

Why do I have to be one or the other?

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